Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Launching of BlackBerry Storm by Celcom @ F1

Last week, I had an unexpected invitation. Thanks to my aunt - Mummy Ena, I was one of the young bloggers to be invited to the launching of the latest and world's first "clickable" touch-screen smartphone - The BlackBerry Storm offerred by Celcom (M) Bhd. The event was on Sunday 5/4/09 at F1, Sepang Circuit.

Scene at the racing circuit

Although I have been to FI before with my parents, I have never been to any launching held at the event. I was excited because I was personally invited by the organiser and secondly, I was told that if I were lucky, I might just win a BlackBerry!!

I slept early the night before because Mummy Ena was going to pick me by 11am. My mum also made sure my handphone was charged and had sufficient credit. She reminded me over and over again not to wander off on my own. I didnt know what to expect at a launching of a product and asked my mum if she knew. She told me that most probably the event would be held in one of the suites, so getting comfortable and having sumptuous lunch/tea would not be an issue. She also told me even if I didnt win a BlackBerry, I would come home with souvenirs and goodies. She was so right!!

As promised, at 11o'clock Mummy Ena and Kakak Shaira were at my front door. Then we headed to the blog house. From there were met other bloggers - Uncle Rocky, Uncle Tony, Aiman etc who took the same coach to Sepang Circuit.

The launch of the BlackBerry Storm was indeed held in a nice air-conditioned suite. The name "Celcom" with its blue-coloured logo adorned the suite. Everything looked very well organised. The people were friendly. I thought to myself it would be nice to be a VIP everytime I get invited to launching of new products!!

Aiman, me and Kakak Shaira

Me and Kakak Shaira getting comfortable at the Celcom Suite

The CEO of Celcom - Datuk Seri Shazalli Ramly officially launched the BlackBerry Storm and gave details of its features. We were informed that the smartphone has a host of features that are not available on Apple's iPhone. So if customers dont like iPhone, they have no choice. However, with this smartphone, customers have options - the BlackBerry Storm, Blackberry Bold or other models offerred by Celcom. Wow!! Isnt that great??

The press conference

Kakak Shaira and me trying out the BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerryBold

During the launch we were given the chance to try the smartphone and was also informed of the price. Although it is way too expensive for someone of my age, Mummy Ena says for RM2499 (plus freebies of about RM600/ for early birds), the smartphone is a good buy (and reasonable for working people). Since I do not fall in that category, I was hoping to get lucky and win the smartphone. However, luck was on Aiman's side and not mine when he went home with the BlackBerry (lucky you!! now that you're the same league as the PM who also owns one!!)

The goodies that I got to bring home - compliments from Celcom

Happy faces - before we made our way back to KL

Like what my mum said, the organiser/Celcom treated us like VIPs. They provided us with good food and also handed out goodies and souvenirs to all guests. At the end of the evening, we left for home with a memorable experience and I know if I had the means, I would definitely own a BlackBerry!!

Thank you Celcom and thank you Mummy Ena

Lots of luv,

Monday, April 6, 2009

Aunty Suzanne

Hi everyone!! May I introduce to you - Aunty Suzanne!

Aunty Suzanne has just turned two last month but thinks she's twenty. She acts like she's the boss and she also acts like she's my older sister.

She has 2 babies but they are not real of course!! She names them "Big Babbee" and Small Babbee". Her daily routine is to get up by 8 am, has her milk, gets her bath and then goes around the house pushing the stroller with her babies. She carries a red handbag which she got as a christmas present from my aunt - Mama Olin. She keeps her beauty things in it ( eyeshadow, lipstick, baby powder, hairbrush and my old handphone).

She talks a lot but with unfinished words and limited vocabulary. Usually it's with action so that we can understand - For example :-
(a) Abah - Abaa
(b) Mummy - mimi
(c) Kakak Sara - kakak yaya
(d) Abang - Abaa
(e) Haris - Ish
(f) Sofia - Kakak Adik
(g) Soraya - Yaah
(h) Sonia - Nia
(i) Cik Ton - Ton
(j) Mummy Ena - Mimi Naa
(j) Tidur - Bobok
(h) Makan - Mamam
(i) susu - Shhooshhhoo
(j) air - shhshh

Note - favourite word - "Ngaak mau"

She has 3 best friends - they are Yaya (Ayra), Ayna (Nana) and Sonia and loves playing with them when they come by. Her past time includes dancing (dance to the songs - low, a-yer and best of both worlds), watching the aruna and disney channels, watering the plants and going around the garden with my dad on his motorbike.

Aunty Suzanne's looks can be deceiving - she can be so cute but when she's angry she turns into Naomi Campbell, chasing you with her handphone!!

Most of the time when we "quarrel", my brother and I end up upset and frustrated because she gets away with her "crime" as my dad and mum would never believed that she was the one who started first.

Despite all that, my brother and I love Aunty Suzanne and will look for her every time we return home from school. This is especially when we are tired, Aunty Suzanne will turn into a masseuse and offer to massage us with her tiny hands. Even dad and mum sometimes request for her services!! Life has been more fun and interesting with Aunty Suzanne.

We love you Aunty Suzanne @ Sharmaine!!

Kakak Yaya