Monday, March 15, 2010

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Hey lolitas

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Exam Week!!


It's that time again. Just when mum fixed the wifi and i get to use the laptop, my exam has to be tomorrow!!

My mind is now so complicated and confused with words and numbers that I cant think of anything to write here.

Will drop a line soon. Wish me luck, ok?


Friday, September 4, 2009

Datuk, we miss you

Today is the 4th of September.

Exactly a year ago we lost our dear Datuk at about this time.
Datuk was 84 and he was a good and patient grandfather to all of us.
I really miss him.

I am now in his room at his table and writing this...will write more about him as our day.

As for now, I just want to remember those days when we had him around and finally "the day" when we all had to say goodbye...

"We hope you are resting well dear Datuk and may our "Al-Fatihah" and "doa" remind you that we all here miss and love you always and forever".

Lots of love,
Datuk with (Left to Right) Adik, Abang and myself on the first day of Hari
Raya 1998

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Mummy Ena!

It's Mummy Ena's birthday today!!!


We love you!! See you tonight!!

Lots of love,
Mummy Ena with Abang Adel and Kakak Shaira
Mummy Ena with her siblings

Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a life!!

Hey u all.

Now I'm officially 13 and can call my self a teenager.

I dont feel anything really - I mean as a teenager and before I became one. May be in a few months time - may be.

It's just that I seem to get on abah's and mom's nerves more than before. They (especially mum) are always saying that I dont do things right. Could it be that I'm a teenager and people say this is the time we become rebellious?

I dont think I am, really. For example, I dont know why if I overslept during weekends, mum will say something (nagging??) just because I somehow take my time in tidying the bed. It's not that I dont want to but what's the point to make it all nice and all if I were to lie in it again later? Right?

This also goes when I take my time to bathe (on weekends, ok??), to get things for her, scold my younger siblings, reply when she calls me and other list of things that are just too long for me to mention.

Do I really need to show good examples to Heikal, Sharmaine and Selena? Oh please!! I also need a break!!

Ok. May be I'm exaggerating here. Partly it's also my fault but it's just that sometimes I just dont want to follow the rules. So is that rebellious?

Some of my friends go through this too so I know I'm no different from other teenagers. Normal (I hope:-))

May be it's also part of life that I have to go through. So patience please. But whatever it is I'm grateful that I still get things that I want from my parents (although I need to beg, give good reasons and after showing good behaviour. For example : school work revision (i may be pretending to revise - who is to know?) and no internet during weekdays).

Now I need some things from them, so gotta to behave. They are a black leather jacket, camera and more pocket money (please! please!) Problem is I still owe her because she has deducted my pocket money for the nokia handphone I got from kakak shasha. It'll only pay off in November!!

But wait! Since it's my birthday I may get these things sooner!! Yippee!!
And I also have a list of things that I can charge my parents. For example, washing her car, abah's motobikes (just trying my luck!) and may be cleaning the garden ( dont know whether they need me for this though). Wish me luck, ok??

So back to the story of my birthday. We had one and celebrated it with all my family yesterday.

We had it with the first day buka puasa at home too. The rest of my extended family came over too. Mama Olin brought the bamiah and some brought pot luck. Mum also got a birthday cake for me (it was a two in one celebration so that we dont need to have another get-together to celebrate my birthday). So thank you everyone for coming!!

Me with all my cousins - (L-R) Farhan, Sonia, Soraya, Abang, Kakak Ellysha, Me, Kakak Shaira, Adik and Kakak Shasha. My brother Heikal is partly hidden.

On friday we also had another get-together at mama olin's to celebrate abang adel's admission to Waterloo University in Canada. He's going next week (gonna miss you abang adel). There were lasagne, satay, trifle, carrot cake, spaghetti, pizza, ice carbonated drinks and hagen daz ice cream (please help I'm fasting now!! I should have eaten all that night!!)

Mama Olin's trifle

Mummy Lalin's carrot cake

Om Amed, Uncle Azmi, Kakak Ina (hidden), Kak Dayang at the dining table waiting for the guest of honour (Abang Adel) to arrive

Everyone enjoying the food

So my birthday, abang adel's celebration and the coming of ramadhan added a bit of thrill to my weekend. Also need to practise "the climb" for Om Amed next week!!

Oh! what a life!!

Lots of love,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good Luck!

Hi friends!

Good luck for your exams tomorrow and make sure we all dont catch that flu. God forbid!! Insyaallah!!


Lots of love,

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Day of Joy

I had a full day today.

I got up early to get my flu vaccination and by mid day, I had to prepare myself for a "Majlis Bertunang" of my cousin - Kak Fira.

We reached Cik Ana's house at about 2.30pm. I saw a tent and food was displayed by the side of the porch. God! there was so much and it looked really appetizing (actually it really made my tummy grumble bcos I hadnt had my lunch then). When I went into the house, the "hantarans" were nicely displayed in a row. Kak Fira gave 9 dulangs and the boy side later came with 5.

Actually at first, I didn't know the difference between "bertunang" and "nikah" (silly me!!). So I kept asking my mum where was the bridegroom bcos Kak Fira's mum, Cik Ana also prepared a pelamin. Mum had to explain that the pelamin was meant to"sarung cincin".

After the exchange of words between two families, Mama Olin brought Kak Fira down for the sarung cincin ceremony. I thought Kak Fira looked resplendent in a turquoise baju kebaya (cun!!).

The two close cousins - Kak Ina and Kak Fira, just before Kak Fira was brought down for the sarung cincin ceremony

After that it was the makan time. The food was delicious. It was prepared by mum's cousin, Cik Noi and there were Javanese and Singaporean dishes. I could see that Mom and her sisters really enjoyed the food and thankfully there were Kak Ina and Cik Ida who were very kind to serve them!!

Apart from the food, I also knew that mom and my aunts were very happy to meet up with their cousins and relatives from Singapore that I had to insist several time that it was time to go home after the function was over.

When we got home, I had some rest before leaving for Mummy Aza's. It was for Uncle Terry's 64th bday. Yeah!!.

As usual, Mummy Lalin made a nice birthday cake. It was a West Ham cake complete with it's logo and colour. Superb!! Uncle Terrry was lost for words when Mummy Lalin showed him the cake. Who wouldnt? He is a dead fan of that team!!

So it was another day of joy and good food before I call it a day in a while.

Goodnite and hope you'll have a good weekend too!!

Lots of love,